Thursday, March 11, 2010

Academy Awards

I watched the last hour of the A.A. I want to know who watches the first two hours? Don't we only care about best picture, actor/actress, and supporting? It was a weak year for the best actor category. Jeff Bridges won the Oscar for a movie I haven't even heard of. At least he didn't thank god (yes in lower case). Is it racist to think white people are above other races who insist on thanking god in acceptance speeches? Do you think god gets annoyed every time someone thanks him? Are the other nominees upset at god for not giving them the Oscar? Can someone please thank Moses? Muhammid? Satan? The Hurt Locker deserved best movie.... in 2009. I wikipedia the movie and it came out in 2008! I guess it's okay since MTV can give best new artist to Avenged Sevenfold back in 2005 VMA's when they been around for 6 years and put out 3 albums. As long as Avatar didn't win any major categories, we all win.